Rate Limit Meaning

GW1.1.46: When trying to make a remote connection, what does the return message “Rate limit exceeded.” mean? It tells me to try again in 30 minutes.

So what rate limit and how is it exceeded?

Thanks, Rich

Did you ever receive an answer on this? I’m experiencing the exact same issue.


Actually, no. But it never truly got in the way and I haven’t seen it since. Maybe Ken knows. And of course, are you at current GW level?

If you type in an incorrect password too many times then there is a rate limit, or temporary time where you cannot connect, so people cannot do a dictionary attack on your GlassWire client.

Oh! The simple explanation. That very thing is why I made all my PWs on GW very simple.

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I use a password manager - KeePass - so I don’t have to remember my hundreds of passwords. The passwords are more secure than the ones I can remember because they are normally sixteen random characters including numbers and punctuation.

Yeah, I used Keepass too. My problem is careless typing in my rush to just get past the Remote Monitor setup. Since I live where noone else can even access my network, using simple PWs for GW is reasonable. Anything that goes external gets handled by Keepass.

I task switch and copy the passwords so keying errors aren’t a problem. I don’t use any automation of password entry but that is another option for many people.