Reassign license

The PC I had GW installed on has been decommissioned (PSU went bad) so I’d like to use GW on my new PC. Is this possible or do I have to pay another $50 for this Device?

Please use the same activation code again. If you get a message about code problems email us

this come to no surprise to me.

in my opinion it would be a scandal if you cannot transfer your expensive software to a new computer if the old one was roasted. MS tried to lock office to a single PC and user but this REALLY didnt go well here in germany. they really tried to tie office to the installed PC and the only way to transfer this (to another person) is by selling the computer.

well the courts certainly didnt agree with that and that’s why office 2013 packages quickly got a nice label:

let me quickly translate this:

The EULA of this PC software may have the following text:
"Can I transfer the software to another PC or user? You are not permitted to transfer the software to another Computer or user. You May only transfer this software as installed on the licensed computer together with the COA label and this Contract [the EULA]. Before the Transfer, the other Party has to agree that this contract affect the transfer and usage of this software. You are not permitted to keep copies"
Hereby you will be informed that this clause immdiately IS NOT in use anymore. Ever purchaser and/or user is asked to see this clause is not existant and unappliable; it is hereby replaced by the follwoing:
Transfer to theird Parties. Tre transfer of the software as well as the Usage rights of the software to a third Party is set to the law.”

so let me point out that I still have to say that this is a good choice of software policy you do here because I certainly wouldnt have liked seeing a great software such as glasswire gets law problems like M$ did.

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