Reinstall GlassWire Pro After Computer Reset?

I am considering purchasing GlassWire Pro and I see that the license is valid for 3 computers.

I do a lot of software testing for work and have to reformat and reinstall my OS (Windows 10) quite often (2-3x a month). Every time I reinstall Windows I am assigned by Microsoft a new computer name. Will GlassWire Pro know that I am using the same computer every time, or does it “read” the newly assigned computer name and assume I am installing it on a different box?

I like the Pro features, but if I can only reinstall it 3x I will continue with the free version.

Thanks much.


Thanks for considering upgrading!

Go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “deactivate” to release the license before reinstalling. Releasing the license means it will no longer count as an install.

If you run into a problem email us so we solve it.

Thank you for your quick reply Ken!