Remember allowed program


My problem is the following:

My configuration is “firewall mode: Ask to connect”, this way only the applications I allow have access to the internet. The problem is that there are programs that are updated and the installation path changes, then Glasswire asks again if I allow access.

This problem happens to me with every antivirus update, Google Drive, etc… The PC where Glasswire is installed is a server, 99% of the time there is no one connected checking the configuration, it can take many days to connect to the computer, therefore, Google Drive (for example) is waiting for connection and there are many files in queue waiting, the antivirus is not updated, etc…

Is there a way for Glasswire to remember the program even if the path changes? (digital signature, etc…)
On another server we use “malware firewall control”, by default it blocks all programs, but if one of the allowed ones is updated, it does not block internet access.

Greetings and thanks.

Hello @ATPIT,
Unfortunately, there is no solution of this issue at the moment, but we plan to improve this in the future versions of GW. The problem is that updates are installed to new directories and GW considers them as new applications and as a result blocks them.
Taking into account that it is a server and I guess there is a limited number of applications running, maybe it’s worth changing GW Firewall mode to Click to Block.