Remote Accessing a machine has no information

When Accessing a machine remotely, the alerts that load don’t always know the process/app name and never know the path and other information.

When viewing on the local machine’s Glasswire Pro, the alerts do appear as expected.

I don’t know when this issue occurred or if it’s already been reported, I just noticed it today when updating to 2.3.374

Found the issue, my remote computers did not update to the latest version of Glasswire and I assume the database upgrade makes the issue I had earlier occur. The installations failed on 4 of my machines, had to completely uninstall and reinstall Glasswire Pro in order for it to be up-to-date. Was getting a Read/Write fail on a file in the installation folder during the inplace update. Now that all of my remotes are the same version as the host, I no longer have the issue; would be cool if Glasswire could turn the status light yellow in the server list if it detects a Glasswire version difference between itself and the host.

Thanks for your feedback on changing the icon status color, that’s a good idea.

Sorry for the issue and I’m glad it’s working now.