Remote Alerts and Support Capability Questions

Hi there. I am considering Glasswire for my mother’s Windows 10 2-in-1 laptop, but I would like any alerts to come to me instead of showing them to her on the laptop. I am a long distance caregiver in Oregon, and she is in a nursing home in Japan. I have Skype Video sessions with her at least 3 times a week using her iPad that I setup in December last year. The problem is that her helpers do not know how to use an iPad and I have major challenges providing remote technical support when there is a problem. So this Windows 10 laptop (with a touchscreen and can be separated from the dock) is to replace her iPad.

I need to ensure everything on her laptop is “quiet” because she can get easily confused when things randomly start to appear. I plan to use SiteKiosk software to basically lock-down her computer to only provide Skype, Youtube (with her subscriptions), Photo viewing, and Solitare game access. So the role of Glasswire is to monitor the laptop in Japan and alert me in Oregon if any new access is requested. I can then remote access the laptop using TeamViewer to do any configuration changes. However, I would like to receive her Glasswire alerts remotely (like via SMS or email). Is that possible?

Thanks in advanced.


Yes, I think what you want to do is possible and you can try it for free.

On her end, you could go to the GlassWire settings and choose “security” then disable all her desktop notifications. Then you could login to her PC remotely and check the notifications manually if you need them.

I guess one problem could be if she doesn’t have a static IP, does she? Please try a remote connection with our free version and try it out and let us know any questions. Instructions are linked above.