Remote Connecting to Dynamic IPs


I just bought the Elite version and I’m disappointed to see that remote server connections are only done by IP as opposed to either DNS hostname or something like Teamviewer where you login your account on each computer and you can see it on your list of computers.

The other computers I want to monitor use DHCP for their IPs (by the ISPs) so is there a consistent way of connecting to them?

Really annoying to the point where I may ask for a refund


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Sorry for the problem. We will work to show DNS host names for remote PCs in the future and this will be a free upgrade for you due to the version of GlassWire you purchased.

I’ll talk to our team and see if there is a work around currently.

Thanks. Just to be clear, this is about CONNECTING to DNS host names OR an alternative way to CONNECTING to DYNAMIC IPs. It’s not just about “showing” the DNS host name


I discussed this with our team and it appears to be a bug. We fixed it in a previous version of GlassWire, but it was introduced again somehow. We will have an update out in a few days that will NOT have this fix, but we will get it fixed in the next update after that. I apologize for the problem and thank you for reporting it.