Remote host Manager over VPN

I’m Having problem when i’m trying to establish connection over vpn ex: my monitor server is, and my host are subnetted on, All port and services are able to communicate over VPN but my server always get “unable to establish a conection”

Tip! Try to implement multiple host monitoring using less bandwith as possible…


Thank you for your post. Our recent release fixed this problem:

Please upgrade.

If you’re using the latest version of GlassWire then it may be a problem with port forwarding or something else. We’re working on adding a feature that makes it easier for GlassWire clients to connect.

inside of my vpn, i’ve configured all ports and services to be fowarded… im using the last version. I tried on LAN, on same subnet, i’ve no problem…

I’m not sure what to recommend since all networks are different. I wish I could help more.

It worked only when i disabled the firewall. :smile: