Remote Monitoring Failure & Updates & Activations Failures

I spent the better part of the last hour trying to figure out why my remote monitoring had suddenly stopped working.

I finally dug up in a recent post that the default port for remote is “7010”

Well it used to be 7007. I’m not sure at what point you changed, this or even WHY.

But you absolutely can NOT change the ports things operate on willy-nilly. I finally suffixed my IPs with 7007 and it let me back in to all of my remote connections.

WHY Did you change this port? What possible other thing in the world would have been conflicting with 7007 that you decided you unceremoniously change it to 7010?

If you ARE going to make changes like that, you need to provide a very clear notification of such, so people don’t wonder why their things are broken all of a sudden.

But you shouldn’t have changed it to begin with, because then people have to change settings in firewalls, and on routers, and other edge devices…

The second issue I have is, while product updates are nice, you guys release an absurd number of new versions of software. This is what beta/dev opt-ins are for. Unless it’s a critical security update, it would be nice if I didn’t need to update software on 8 computers practically every other week.

The third issue I have, is I just tried to install Glasswire on a new device and it said “Activation Failed this key has been used numerous times.”

Yeah, but I don’t have it actively on 10 computers. Please fix.


Sorry for the problem. Our change list is here

We don’t like to change ports, but we felt like we had no choice because we were getting lots of complaints that using our old port would cause lots of false positives from popular security software. Also we were told by multiple customers it would cause PCs to fail PCI compliance checks along with many other types of security compliance checks.

I apologize for the inconvenience but we had a lot of reports about this and we felt it was the right thing to do to solve the problem.

We haven’t seen any reports about false positives since we made the change.

We made a Blog post about the change also to make sure people saw it, and talked about it in our email list but if we ever have to do this again we’ll try to make a more noticeable report about it.

Thanks for your feedback and thanks for your patience on dealing with this.

We are working on changing how our updates work and I apologize for the problem with that.

For your code, please try it again now. I think I found it from your forum email and I released a couple licenses.