Remote PC Connection Question

I’m considering buying Glasswire for the extra feature, mainly the Monitoring. I want to install Glasswire on my girlfriends Laptop (with her permission also she not tech savvy ) to see the traffic on her network and who’s on it, can this be done


Glasswire can only see machines that are on the same subnetwork – for example, those that use the same router. You can’t use it to remotely monitor a computer down the block that is on a separate network.

However, it could be installed separately and she can quickly learn what to look for on her own machine. One of the beauties of Glasswire is that the interface is clear and simple and does not require technical expertise to quickly learn to understand what key features mean.

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Hi, I would like to know if the remote PC connection still applies to the same subnetwork? How about a hybrid network on-premise and cloud?


It should work. You can try it free with one PC before purchasing.


Thanks @Servo_GlassWire, I am testing the remote monitoring features of glasswire.

The 2 machine are both using VPN, and yes they are not in the same subnetwork, I tried the steps in setting up the remote PC and the local PC, but when trying to connect from local PC to remote PC the connection is being dropped.

Remote PC:

  1. First go to the top left GlassWire menu and open settings\remote access;
  2. Check the box “Allow remote access by password”;
  3. Click “Change password” and set the new password.
  4. Click OK;
  5. Open settings\remote access and make sure that the “Remote access state” is “Allowed”

Local PC:

  1. Open Settings\Server List;
  2. Click “Add new server” and select it on the “Server list”;
  3. Type the name of the server;
  4. Type the IP address of the remote server

I also try not to filter the “Allow access only from IP”, but the connection is still dropped. Is theres anything I need to setup?



Over the VPN connection you use, are you able to use RDP or any other connection methods successfully? I will ask our team if they have some ideas.

I would guess maybe there could be an issue with how the VPN is configured and it’s causing NAT issues.

Hi @Servo_GlassWire,

Yes, we can login to our RDP using our VPN.


OK, thanks! I’ll ask our team and see if they have some other ideas on why it isn’t working.

Are you using the same exact version of GlassWire locally and remotely?