Removing Uninstalled Apps from firewall list!

I uninstalled some of my apps but they are still on glasswire’s firewall list!
How can i remove them!!!
I removed i histories but they are still there!

Please try unblocking the apps if they aren’t already. If that does not work please uninstall/reinstall.

GlassWire manages the Windows firewall so the data may be coming from there. I will have to confirm with the development team. Thank you for reporting this.

I unblocked them all and I tried to uninstall/reinstall it but they are still there!
Please fix this problem its kind of annoying!

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We’ll see what we can do, thanks for reporting this.

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For now you can do the following:

  1.   stop the GlassWire service;
  2.   remove the database (c:\programdata\glasswire\service\glasswire.db);
  3.   start the GlassWire service.
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Thanks It worked!
But It will be hard to remove full database just for some app!!!
Its like your installing Glasswire for first time and every thing restored!
It would be great to add remove button for apps in Firewall Tab!
Thanks anyway :wink:

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We never considered this issue but we’re working on changing the application where clearing all history clears the firewall list completely.


Hi there,

Was about to create a topic about this too.
Basically I’m seeing a lot of applications on the list that were already uninstalled.
It would be nice that glasswire would detect it somehow.


I’d prefer there was a selective removal since most of those apps shown on the firewall tab are still installed. I want them to remain blocked until I’m ready to use them. But, uninstalled apps and installation stubs should be able to be removed, at least, manually.

Great idea. We need to allow removal of uninstalled programs.

I tried reinstalling it with clearing history still old apps shows in the list. And I don’t have a folder called service in the Glasswire installation folder. I also can’t find a database file in the folder, how do I get rid of old apps that are no longer on my computer?

I have to say, I’m really amazed that this issue still exists, and indeed that such a basic consideration was never thought of in the first place by the developers! Yes, this is one of the issues that keeps me from regarding GW as a useful front end for the Windows Firewall. I honestly thought that when I paid for GW basic version I would get sufficiently useful firewall functionality that, at least at an early stage, I would be able to use GW as my WF front end and stop using Window Firewall Control - in which, indeed, one can delete any application rules, and ‘invalid’ rules, such as those whose applicable program is no longer present, are coloured red so you can see quickly what needs deleting. So far my payment has gained me NO additional functionality that I would actually use, as compared with the Free version.

We are actively working on solving this problem as soon as we can. In the new update we sort the apps in a way so older unused apps are no longer in the way.

What do you mean by “older unused apps are no longer in the way”? I just want apps I no longer have on my computer to also be not on the list. Also when can we except the update for this to be fixed?

We have a solution that I think you’ll be happy with. We hope it’ll be out in the next couple of weeks. Sorry for the delay on this change.

That’s good to hear, thanks for the quick replies. I guess now I just gotta wait till the update :grinning:

First time here. Has this been sorted? I re-installed Glasswire and the firewall is showing programs i have uninstalled. Can they be deleted?

I think it hasn’t. Or at least I didn’t find the option either.

So I think the only way to delete it is doing this:

But this will delete everything.

Our latest software moves inactive software to the “Inactive Apps” list if you give it a few days to detect the apps as inactive.

Thank you Ken, I will wait and see.