Renewed Subscription email confirmation not received


I decided to renew my subscription of Glasswire, however, I have not received the email confirmation for the transaction. Thank goodness I made a screenshot of the transaction which also had the activation key. However, I would like to have an email confirmation. This will confirm that I wrote the correct email. I hope that I did write the correct email. Can you please check? I used the same email that I have in this forum and the transaction happened yesterday, May 26, 2020. Can I get an email confirmation for the transaction and if the email was wrong, can you please correct it?



Sorry for the issue.

Even if you wouldn’t have made a screenshot I would certainly find your order and assist you immediately. Our contact page is here

I found there was accidentally a typo with the order and our billing company is now resending it. I also replied to your email. If you don’t see our emails please check your spam/bulk folder.

Thank you for upgrading! We appreciate your support on this project so we can continue to work on and improve GlassWire in the future.