Report on 1.2.53b

Glasswire 1.2.53b successfully installed on three machines and apparently working properly.

2 Yr Lenovo Ideapad, Win10 Home w/ Avast Free
6 Yr Sony VAIO, Win10 Pro Insider w/ Avast Free
8 Yr HP Pavilion, Win7 w/ Avast Free

The last two were incrementally upgraded from 1.1.41 to 1.1.43 and so on and were at 1.1.50 when upgraded to 1.2.53. These two lost their history when upgradied to the 1.1.50 level. (Edit: But all systems have retained the Alert bubbles going back to when they first had Glasswire installed.) The Lenovo was upgraded to 1.1.50 directly from 1.1.41, properly converted the db, then upgraded to 1.2.53 and it correctly retained the history going back to the first installation of Glasswire.

All machines are setup to use the others as Remote Connections. As expected, none of them will Remote Connect to a 4th machine which is still running 1.1.41. (This is due to the remote connection change in Glasswire implemented after 1.1.41.)

– Glasswire Settings and Options transferred, but Graph resolved at the Unlimited level on Win10 machines instead of original 24 Hr and Month on the Win7.
–Remote session info was retained and sessions picked up as they came online.
– !!! Graph Max notation in upper left has been replaced with the actual graph max value ( 1GB, 100MB, 3MB, 100KB, etc.). This value changes as the timeline begin-endpoints are moved. This makes the Graph MUCH more functional.
–!!! Another major improvement is the loading speed of Usage data. Much faster with only short delays at any point.

One “bug” or anomaly: If I view the Usage of my main machine on each device (Remotely from the two others), the main Glasswire client always show just over 25MB more usage on the remote machines than on the main Client display. This difference increases a few MB (2 - 3) as I change the time focus from Day to Week, Month, and Unilimited (by Unlimited, the resolution is too low to detect that small value but may show as 0.1GB) Note that BOTH remote monitors show the same Usage almost identically (there is a slight network lag in the info display).

It appears that Microsoft Edge (my browser) is primarily responsible for the discrepancy. At this point, I don’t know why.

This from my main Glasswire client:

This is from the Sony remote server showing the same Glasswire client at the same time:


@richlife69 Thanks so much for this report! I’m glad this new version is working well for you. We hope to release a stable update to the public in a week or so.

We’ll try to reproduce the remote monitoring discrepancy and fix it.

New version in my pc, Windows 10 pro, work fine also


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@richlife69 If you move your graph sliders around does it correct the data?

Yes, moving the sliders, does correct the Usage data shown. This is true for all the machines in their Local display as well as all when displaying the info for RichWin10.

Obviously the Usage is different this morning. With the focus on Day, RichWin10 shows 1.9MB while the others already show 2.2 and 2.3MB. I expect this is a lag in the network turnaround. Week show 337MB, 337.5MB, 337.5MB. Month is 996MB, 996.5MB and 996.5MB.

So answering my own question, I think the “anomaly” I saw yesterday was probably the difference in the time I upgraded each machine to 1.2.53. RichWin10 was first by a significant margin while I was trying the new release out. HP and Sony were done at almost the same time and sit side-by-side.

Today, more than 12 hours later, the Usage values all appear to have adjusted to comparable levels.

I will be upgrading one more laptop (from 1.1.41 directly to 1.2.53) shortly. I’ll check this on all systems again at that time.

Alright, I have now added my fourth machine (Yoga2, Win10 Pro). As with the other installs, everything appears normal and correct. But while my main Glasswire Client shows today’s Usage at 85.5MB, the remote Yoga2 server shows the RichWin10 Usage at 133MB. Keep in mind that RichWin10 has been running now for a couple of hours while the Yoga2 was just installed. The other two machines show RichWin10 as 86MB. So this anomaly does appear to be related to when the different machines got their initial 1.2.53 installation.

I will make this Yoga2 to RichWin10 comparison later after the Yoga2 has been online for many hours – the anomaly may be self-correcting.

BTW, this Yoga2 had been upgraded previously to 1.1.46 (a fact I had forgotten), but it did have a backup of the 1.1.41 db. When I directly installed 1.2.53, as expected, the history was lost. I then restored 1.141 as the operating release (though that db history was limited to the span of early Dec to 2/27/2016) and then reran the update to 1.2.53. The complete existing history from Dec through Feb was retained. The db conversion of that 3 month period was very fast. So in the end, on this Yoga2 machine, I retained all the history except the period over which I had run “test” releases. I had lost all history when updating from the 1.1.46 install, so I’m quite happy to have the one month gap, retain all the early history and now continue with again collecting all the Glasswire history.

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Yes, it does appear that the initial (after installing) differences in Usage totals does self-correct with time. Despite the Day Usage being small after opening Glasswire after the overnight period, the differences between the Local view and the remote session are slight – varies from less than 1 MB to about 2 MB.

I also noted that it takes some time for the data to load and the Usage to update when switching between sessions. I can’t tell if the is a “poll” cycle or it is really the loading time.

Also, this is an excellent example of how Ramah’s suggestion for a “snap to hour” would be especially useful. I use a trackball and despite that precise positioning, it can be difficult to ensure both timeline sliders are at the same point.