Req 4 feature shut down app

There’s an app out there (that I don’t much care for, so I don’t use it, I like this one) that has the ability to shut down tethering once a pre-defined data limit is reached. I only mention this because I know it can be done. It would be very very nice if your app could do the same. This way if I happen to miss any of my alarms, I would have that ability for my fail safe.
Last night my alarm went off for Tethering and I shut it down. The kids started crying about it so I turned it back on, with the intent of remembering and turning it back off before sleeping. I woke up to my hotspot data down about 1.5 GB between 12 and 3 am their androids just played YouTube all night while the whole house was asleep.

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Interesting feature! Yes, we have thought about automatic behaviors in the app but we feel nervous it could cause a customer an unexpected issue.

Our team will continue to discuss this idea and decide if we can implement this or not in a safe way.

I do appreciate your consideration. I just want to add one thing and I’ll leave it alone… I don’t know if it would be worth it to you (or y’all) to do custom features for a price. I’ve worked with developers / programmers / before on other stuff like custom modifications to IPB software.
I don’t have any idea if you (or y’all) operate in any of the same ways, just throwing it out there.

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For new features for Android we usually read user feedback on Google Play and via our “mobile” email address, then we implement what we can if it’s reasonable to do so.

We’re still discussing automated blocking but we wouldn’t want to cause an issue for a doctor or some other emergency worker where an app is blocked automatically, then they miss an important message. It’s kind of a scary feature to implement for that reason and other reasons.

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