[REQ] Alpha Sort Alerts | Apps List

Clicking on the Alerts tab and then the Apps button shows the alert list categorized by Apps.

However, the list is in some arbitrary order; sorting alphabetically would make it easier to use.

Looks like this got no attention! Doesn’t anyone use this function? I was just trying to track down the start of a bug in Windows, and had to scroll through hundreds of entries to find the program I wanted. I can’t imagine what order they might be in…

I tried the Type button, but those categories aren’t sorted either. And within the AppInfoChanged category the entries are sorted by date, not grouped by the app creating them, so that was no help.

And, once I managed to find what I needed, there seemed no way to copy it - I had to manually retype it all into my bug report.

If we can’t have a choice of sort criteria, a “Find” function would certainly help locate items in this chaos.

Thanks for considering this…

Thanks for your feedback. We are actively working on a search feature along with some other app management features.