[Req] Show proper alert history per app?


one of the benefits of GlassWire is the alerts, and currently from any view (With apps) you can select the app and see alerts, but without dates/times, would be useful if we can have a timeline view of alerts per app

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Thanks for your feedback. If you go to the “Alerts” tab you can click “Apps” to see the alerts broken down by application. But I guess you’re saying you would also like to see this in some other type of chronological order, or how do you mean?


Consider the case you would like to check the activity of a certain app, all alerts, you go to alerts, click on the app, on the pop app you check alerts, but they are just listed there without any order ( i assume with chronological order, but dates/times simply not shown).

IMO would be useful to show dates/times in alerts details, maybe on a chart?


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Thanks for explaining. We’ll try to figure out a way to make this more usable in the future.

You could select specific app on Graph tab and you will see only alerts related to selected app (on graph). And of course it will be in chronological order,