[REQ] Start Control Service On GUI Startup

Starting Glasswire GUI looks for a running GlassWire Control Service and fails to connect if it is not running but on manual; instead, it should start the service if it isn’t running and log an alert.

GUI..exe is not a Windows core file or essential to Windows this process can in many cases be dangerous to the Windows system and has been used by hackers to control your computer . Giving it an additional action of changing another process from manual to automatic could make it even easier to use as a hack. While I see your point of view in terms of usability Glasswire should be careful here.

I didn’t say change it to automatic startup; I said to just start the service if it isn’t running.

Even if it was just to start it would still be a means of using an app to instigate control over another app not necessarily for the app it was designed for thats how hackers operate they change the code for use on a Windows system app. and remote control your computer.-in this case a well known app used by them =GUI.EXE.

What is this GUI.EXE you’re talking about? Another app? What?

All I am saying is that Glasswire.exe (the GlassWire GUI)–which already interacts with the service that is part of the same software package: GlassWire Control Service–should start said service if it isn’t already running rather than giving up. This way, if the service is set to manual startup, the GlassWire GUI will start it and report the configuration.