[REQUEST Features & Fixes] that most of us users want!


Features for GlassWire


  1. An immediate blocking system is a most important one
    (in this blocking system users can immediately blocks whenever an network or connection is try to connect to u )

  2. Block all button , block download , block upload
    (in this feature users can simply block the upload, block the download or block all)

  3. A button for denying NEW applications / auto add to firewall
    (in this feature users don’t have to do anything for new applications trying to reach internet access. without your permission. basically this feature automatically add any new application to the blocklist so users don’t have to do anything to block the new connection.)

  4. Block applications that start large uploads when you’re away
    (in this feature users don’t have to worry about their data being stolen when they are away.)

  5. Block hosts
    (in this feature users can actually block the hosts. well i don’t have a good example for this but i will make my point clear like in utorrent there are 500+ hosts in my computer so there is no feature to block them in Glasswire so plz add this feature. it is really useful for users who like P2P.)

  6. I-Blocklist integration
    (in this feature users can actually import host blocking list. and etc)

  7. A selective removal of apps from firewall tab
    (well in this feature users can actually removes applications that are uninstalled from the computer from the firewall tab)

  8. Add app to Firewall tab
    (means user can drag icon to firewall tab without starting the application )

  9. A mini visualizer
    (in this feature users don’t have to open the whole freaking window just for seeing the upload and download or block a freaking app.)

  10. Save option for history settings
    (in this feature users can see there history by time to time .well there is no example for it.)

  11. User specifiable alert sound
    (in this feature users can actually hear the sound if there is any connection is initiated or anything that is happening on the glasswire.)




  1. plz fix this problem Stuck “Visualizing Network” this is a priority one thing you have to do. so plz fix this ASAP
  2. some memory issues are still present so plz work to fix those


that’s it plz add those features and fixes as fast as possible these features and fixes are from all users who are using your glasswire software. so plzz add and some of us don’t have time to wait u know so plz do it for us. :smile:


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Thank you for taking the time to write this detailed post about features you’d like to see in GlassWire. The good news is that we’re actually working on a lot of these, and on the features you listed that we aren’t working on we’re adding other features that solve the problem you are having.

I think you’ll like the new update we’re working on and we hope to have it out in a month or two. Meanwhile we hope to have an update out next week that helps with memory usage.

We’re still working hard on the stuck “visualizing network” bug but it’s unclear why some people have this problem and the majority of users never see it at all.

Thanks again for your detailed post! :smile:

well actually i researched about it quite a bit
it seems like stuck on visualizing network happens only when GWCtlSrv.exe stopped
and even if u create a batch file to restart the service for it u cant restart the service by own its own u have to restart the service directly from the software.
and it seems like i found a solution of this problem
right now i don’t know if this work or not but i certainly know this by tomorrow morning.
so lets just hope do we get the solution or not .

well i guess we found a solution of our problem .
but your development team have to give some small help
when GWCtlsrv automatically stopped running it create a log in event viwer
well that log is this u could see in this picture

so the solution of this problem is simple

  1. go to services.msc

  2. glasswire control service

  3. and double click it go to general tab and disabled it and stop the service.

  4. Click the Log On tab and clear the Allow service to interact with desktop checkbox.

  5. then click apply

  6. then go to general tab

  7. click on automatic from the drop down menu
    then start the service.

if u do this your glasswire service will not automatically disable itself but that will be only for one hour (yeah i know it’s a dark truth but i have a solution for this )
well u could see in these pic

then after

well u could see in these images that in one hour glasswire service automatically checks the Allow service to interact with desktop checkbox (remember what did we do on 4th point.)
so now i guess its a registry problem that automatically checks the Allow service to interact with desktop checkbox.

so plz guys fix this plzzzz i am hoping to hear the news that u guys have fixed it .


We don’t install GlassWire service as “interactive” but it’s checked as so in your window. We’re unable to recreate this on our end and we’re not sure how it’s possible but we’ll continue to investigate. Did you check this box manually perhaps?

first : why do i check this box manually?
& second : i already have figured out what is the solution of persistent problem

  1. go to services.msc
  2. find glasswire control service
  3. and double click it go to general tab and disabled it and stop the service.
  4. Click the Log On tab and clear the Allow service to interact with desktop checkbox. and click on this account
    now what do u have to do is click browse
    and follow these screen shots

now i am running glasswire for 2 days with no problems at all
means no fucking freaking problem at alll
so guys we solve a problem

and now u will say this method only work on your computer
so now i will say first
i checked this method with my 2 friends computers they have the same problem
and i can assure that this will work
no matter how many times u try this method will work

Thank you once again explaining more in detail. We’ll try again to recreate this problem on our side so we can fix it.

So when are you adding these features
it’s been one whole month
so will u add any of these features or not

I can guarantee 95% that we will release a lot of major new features before this month is over, but a lot of the features will be a paid upgrade. Free users will not lose any current features though.

I guaranteed i will buy it
so when u are releasing your paid version

Thanks for your support. I think we will release it at the end of this month unless we run into some technical problems we didn’t anticipate.

and i will only buy it when u guys says there is no problem in your application
and did u test this application on windows 10 because i am moving to the windows 10

I think no software is perfect unfortunately but we’ll try our best to remove all the problems or bugs we can.

Well guys from what i mean by that is no crashing , no visualizing errors and no memory errors and that’s it
and i already know that there is nothing in the world that is perfect…

LIke RaidenRoy I like GlassWire so much I will pay for additional features . My problem is due to attacks I dont keep any bank details on my PC but with some other programs I pay for I have done it via bank transfer is that possible ? My email client is paid for a lifetime I would not mind paying even more for a lifetime license it shows you how much I like GlassWire especially the firewall ability to block individual or all connections with the internet as proposed by RaidenRoy.

Is there a way to request features officially? I am wanting to see about manually labeling the devices on my network (Basic Paid version) since generic Apple Device is not a good way monitor actual devices on your network. I want to put on there “John’s iPhone” or something like that.

We’re working on this feature. Thanks!