Request for larger font option (vision problem)

Am quite impressed with Glasswire net monitoring–that it shows destination AND process that is generating the traffic.

However, I cannot use it except with a magnifying glass. Please don’t suggest the “make everything bigger” I know about that and have everything set. But going even further makes many things too big or difficult to use (always scrolling, etc.)

So, what I am asking for is an option to set larger fonts WITHIN the app, preferably to be ale to pick font and size, but at least a couple or more of larger sizes…


We hope to improve font size and usability in the future.

Thanks for the reply, and the positive outlook.

Yes, please allow me to set a bigger font size for the entire UI, currently it hurts my eyes! Thanks.

Back again…just because I “have to!”

Had the interface open with two alerts this morning.
Gosh, I just have to reiterate this request. I simply cannot read the stuff , especially in the Firewall, Usage and Alerts tabs.

PLEASE quickly give us the ability to increase the font size.

The development kit we use for GlassWire doesn’t yet allow easy resizing but we hope they’ll add support for this in the future.