Resetting alerts?

Hello! Is there a way to reset the alerts notifications? Either remove all alerts so i’m re-notified of first network access for all programs or even better a way to just remove the alert history for a single program so that i get a notice if that program accesses network again? Thanks!

Try this:

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      Removing Uninstalled Apps from firewall list!
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Thank you iodaniell. That did work. Although a bit of a brute force method. Perhaps GlassWire will implement a cleaner option someday. Thanks!

This feature is still needed: the ability to clear all alerts when we clear all data history would allow users to create a clean slate.

At present, if I want to reset all the alerts I have to manually delete the database or manually reinstall GlassWire with the relevant option selected.

Do you mean reset alerts for “New” apps accessing the network for the “ask to connect” feature or making the “alerts” tab blank?

I mean making the alerts tab blank so the alerts start again like a new install.

I’m primarily looking at the bandwidth overage alert. It wasn’t reset when I reinstalled with cleared data so to reset it I would have to delete the database. After reinstalling GW the data count started from zero but the alert wasn’t activated because I had already had an overage alert this month. I had set the overage limit to 1GB but I had to set a new limit with a different (higher) value to get an overage alert.

On thinking about this further, there are three quite different types of alerts. The current situation works fine for the first two types but not for the third which currently has only one alert type: bandwidth overage.

  • All changes such as devices connecting which by definition are always set so resetting them makes no difference. This is most alerts such as proxy changes, DNS changes, etc
  • First time changes such as First Network Activity and Application Info Monitor that we generally don’t want to reset most of the time. The main reason users seem to want to reset this is to clear the details of old applications that are no longer used or have been uninstalled.
  • Alerts for external constraints. This is only the bandwidth overage alert which needs the ability to reset independent of clearing data.
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