Return of the Noob, does GlassWare block incoming?

How does GlassWare handle incoming traffic or threats?
Basically I’m wondering do we have settings we can adjust for Incoming Protection.


Thanks for using GlassWire. You may be interested in our “ask to connect” firewall mode that’s quite popular. Details on how to use our firewall are here: GlassWire user guide and manual

Here is a useful page with information and how to check .exe files for threats that may also be useful:

One setting you could adjust is using our VirusTotal API implementation: GlassWire user guide and manual

Thanks for the useful info, Ken! :sunglasses:

Yes, atm I’m using ‘ask to connect’. I wondered if GW blocked or ‘ask to connect’ incoming requests to the PC. I’m looking forward to reading the guide and manual.