Revert 2.1.137 GUI initial positioning to previous version

Upon first opening the GUI after a reboot, relog, or switching user, the GUI is put into the top left corner of the screen. Resizing/repositioning is largely irrelevant since upon a reboot, relog or user switch it goes back to top left corner again. Legacy Windows system apps do this, it’s quite irksome.

All previous versions didn’t do this; they remembered user positioning and sizing of the GUI. It would be nice to have this back.


We did not do this on purpose and my PC does not do this. Please confirm how we can recreate this and maybe consider a clean install.

I see. I guess it was something on my end, apologies. Uninstalling with Revo and reinstalling seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks.

I see the same issue on both of my PC’s with Windows 10 x64 build 1809. It’s not really a big deal as I just drag it back to the centre of the screen.


@Servo_GlassWire any news on this? If you are not seeing this someone from Glasswire can do a remote on my system to see what we are seeing.

This has been reported please see this post - GW Reverting to Small Window Again