Router metering

I have just installed Glasswire, but the network option tab is non functional. Do I have to purchase glasswire to activate this option?

Also, I have been getting unusually large data downloads which I have not authorised. As I have three computers on the home system, two notebooks (WiFi only) and one desktop (cable), what would be the best way to scrutinise total data entering my home network with Glasswire?

To see data for each computer, would I need to install Glasswire on each computer?

Thank you



You do have to purchase GlassWire to activate the network tab.

GlassWire can only see the data on the computers it is installed on. You can use GlassWire’s remote access feature to monitor multiple machines. You can try this feature on the free version of GlassWire where you can monitor one remote computer.

One of our users uses GlassWire to monitor his network, and here is one of his recent posts that shows some screenshots of how it looks Report on 1.2.53b.

Thanks for trying GlassWire!