Running Glasswire takes internet data too?

Does running glasswire in the background takes internet data too?


No. GlassWire sends data between its UI and its service on your PC, but this data is not available over the Internet or on your LAN.

If you monitor another remote GlassWire PC, then that will use data.

Our software checks for updates once per day and also updates its malicious hosts list, but it uses hardly any data and you can make GlassWire block itself if you prefer. This is covered here

We can never see your network activity and your network activity never goes to our server at all, so we couldn’t see it even if we wanted to.

So you mean that even if I run Glasswire for a whole month it will not takes MBs of our internet?

Correct. You can check under “usage”. You can also block GlassWire itself on its own Firewall and then it won’t even check for updates, so the usage will be absolutely zero.

I just checked my own GlassWire for the last 30 days and it did 27KB, but I don’t make it block itself. I like to know about updates and I want my suspicious hosts updated.

Thank you for the answer and also I like to know if Glasswire has mobile app

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We plan to have an Android app this month or next. We’re finishing it up.