Running GlassWire through Wine?

I’m thinking of switching to Linux permanently, does GlassWire run natively on Linux? if not how well does it run through Wine?

We at GlassWire use the Windows Firewall API to allow or deny connections because it uses less CPU/Memory for your PC, and because it’s a transparent way for our users to see what we’re doing on their computers.

form the GlassWire FAQ section

GlassWire cant work through Wine, because it doesn’t block the connections itself, it sets Windows Firewall rules which then block the connections.

Because Linux doesn’t use the Windows Firewall Glass Wire cant do anything there.

I don’t think GlassWire will run with Wine, sorry for the issue.

No, Glasswire won’t work through Wine. There is however a monitoring program on Linux that you might find on YouTube. Don’t know if it works like Glasswire though. Hope that helps. :grinning: