SBS 2011 firewall broken by Glasswire installation

Recently I installed Glasswire on an SBS 2011 server and immediately Exchange and OWA stopped working. I discovered that all the Windows firewall rules pertaining to Exchange had been deleted, as well as some seemingly unrelated ones. Fortunately I had access to another working SBS 2011 installation and so was able to eventually restore Exchange functionality by rebuilding the missing rules. However, computers trying to join the domain now receive a 404 Page Not Found error and this issue has so far resisted resolution.
Glasswire was uninstalled in very short order, but I would like to understand why it interfered with a sound working Windows server firewall configuration without warning. There were no updates or other installations going on when Glasswire was installed, and as the Exchange failure coincided exactly with the Glasswire installation it’s reasonable to conclude that the former was caused by the latter’s deletion of the firewall rules as described above.
Why did this happen?

Domain joining is OK now, but the AV server and wireless controller software firewall rules were wiped out too and have had to be added back in.

It seems as though Glasswire had very clear ideas about what it was expecting and deleted anything that didn’t fit with those expectations.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


Sorry for the problem. We will have an update out soon that solves this.

That’s well and good, but if this is a known issue why were there no warnings either on the website or at installation, advising that the firewall rules would be affected? At least then a firewall configuration backup could have been made, or the installation could have been cancelled.

@mitch77 I’m very sorry and I agree it’s not acceptable. The bug was introduced accidentally and will be fixed soon.


This is now solved with our latest update at