Scrolling curiosities in Alerts list

When I go to the Alerts tab, I find it very difficult to scroll through the list properly. This is almost certainly aggravated by my Windows 10 Surface Book, which has 3000x2000 pixels in its little screen so requires screen scaling - currently set to 175%. But the same things happen whether I’m looking at a small window or full screen.

Mouse “wheel” scrolling might also be complicated by my Apple Magic Mouse, and the slight chunkiness of control signals due to Bluetooth overhead, though in most apps it behaves very nicely. The absolutely tiniest little movement scrolls at least an entire Alert item, and usually 2, 3, or 4 items - enough that you lose your place in the list and can’t be sure how many items may have scrolled past without being seen. No, I don’t have mouse scrolling set to pages or multiple lines at a time, it is set to one line at a time.

Touch scrolling basically doesn’t work at all, especially slow, intentional strokes. Once in awhile with a quick short tap-flick, once in maybe ten tries the window content does move, some random distance, and seemingly in the opposite direction from what you intended.

Up/Down arrow key scrolling had me totally mystified, but I think I just figured it out. It invisibly steps one item up/down the screen, and when it reaches the last item in that direction it starts moving one item farther at a time. Except it adds an invisible partial item move to line up the top of the top item or the bottom of the bottom item with the window edge before the invisible count begins.

I just realized the pageup/pagedown key scrolling also adds an invisible partial item move to line up the top of the top item or the bottom of the bottom item with the window edge before further movement begins. Then it seems to scroll at least one full screen each time, no previous items remain visible, so you don’t know if you missed something. If you switch from down to up, or the reverse, it takes two presses to get back to the previous view.

Scrollbar thumb scrolling is as hair-triggered as wheel scrolling. Seems it jumps among each point where any item top or bottom aligns with a window top/bottom. Sometimes it seems to chatter back and forth despite being (as carefully as I can) moved continuously in the same direction. I think it is mostly moving in the proper direction, but with all the jumping around it is hard to visualize.

My ideal would be pixel-by-pixel scrolling, like web browsers seem to manage via all of these methods. Line by line of text scrolling within an item would be better than list item by list item… Now that I know how up/down arrow scrolling works, that may suffice. If it could highlight each focused item, I might have caught onto what it does much sooner.


Thank you for your feedback. We’ll try to improve Alerts scrolling in GlassWire 2.0.

There’s still some funny stuff happening when scrolling in the Alerts view.

I hoped someone else would report them by now but I don’t think that they will. :pensive: They are relatively minor issues.

By the way, I’m on the latest version of GlassWire 2.2.237 on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 2004 but the problem predated these versions.

1. Grabbing the bar to scroll rapidly can be devilishly hard if the bar is too small

I want to be able to quickly scan a long list of alerts by scrolling though them but the actual bar/puck of the scrollbar can be too small to grab and move. In the following example, the bar may even be too small to pick out easily so I’ll tell you that it is positioned two-thirds of the way down the track on the right-hand side of this screenshot:

Perhaps, the bar should have a minimum size which allows it to be easily grabbed particularly at higher screen resolutions and/or with a long alert list.

2. Keyboard scrolling has problems

I know that there are alternative methods to achieve something similar to grabbing the bar but they all have weaknesses:

  • Right click on the scrollbar to get the following context menu but this is no use for multiple actions.
  • Click and hold on the track above or below the bar to page up or down until I release the mouse button. The issue is that if I have to reverse then I have to reposition the mouse pointer on the other side of the bar and start scrolling again.

Using the keyboard is probably the best option but it is more difficult when a laptop keyboard has no dedicated page-up/down keys. Keyboard scrolling can’t skip parts of the list I don’t need to see. But worst of all, there are what seem to be easily reproduced bugs:

2a. Tapping the Up/Down keys doesn’t scroll correctly

It appears to depend on what was previously done in the window. For example, if the Up key doesn’t do anything then pressing a Page Up enables Up. Likewise, Page Down enables Down.

The key presses may be ignored because the key is not held long enough to engage key repeat. I’m not sure if this relates to Windows keyboard repeat rates or something in GlassWire’s UI logic given that the UI features aren’t all Windows standard to start with. Anyway, I don’t have time to test that.

2b. Keyboard scrolling can make big jumps when using the keyboard.

The position of the bar appears to be saved and does not get set to a new position when moving the bar around.

The easiest means to reproduce this as follows:

  • Right-click on the scrollbar track somewhere very different to the bar position.
  • Select “Scroll here” on the context menu.
  • Press any of the keys Up, Down, Page Up or Page Down and the bar will return to the previous position before performing scrolling continues with the expected movement.
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Totally agree with this! I posted a similar comment years ago… Not only is the thumb / puck tiny, but in a dark mode it is next to invisible. And the scrolling once you find it is jerky - impossible to tell if you’ve scrolled one item or a whole page or a whole month. Somehow if I watch the movement of items, it often seems like they are jumping in the opposite direction they are actually moving! Eerie… I think it has something to do with whether there is a date line showing or whether all the items are the same height. And the dates are on the opposite side of the screen from the scrollbar, so if you’re watching the dates it is too easy to veer off the bar or go past the end and lose the scrolling control - have to go search for the tiny thumb again…

Up / Down arrow is more controllable, but I see no indication of the current item - have to keep pressing until the screen starts moving. And press ten or twelve times to change direction.

Page Up / Down has the same behavior - press twice to change direction, no indication which item is current. Sometimes it shows enough of the edge item that you know you haven’t scrolled past some without seeing them, but sometimes you see nothing from the previous screen, sometimes even nothing with a date to suggest whether or not you’ve skipped something.

And my favorite solution to these hassles, using touch to scroll exactly how far I want, doesn’t work at all.

Sometimes Alerts is a real help, but using it is not fun.

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Thank you for these details. Our team is now reviewing all this in detail.
@Remah @LorenAmelang

I use a mouse with a scroll wheel, so maybe that’s why I didn’t catch this myself. I pretty much never click and drag scrollbars anywhere in Windows.

I use a mouse with a scroll wheel, so maybe that’s why I didn’t catch this myself.

Ah, another issue… When I use my mouse scroll, which does not “click” but (normally) scrolls smoothly, pixel by pixel, I get the same jerky item by item scroll I get from the scrollbar. And it is so hypersensitive I usually move three or four items on the tiniest try. My mouse is thinking pixels and GW is responding in full items!

Other programs can often scroll pixel by pixel with touch, even when they jerk with the scroll wheel. But GW ignores touch. (Well, not totally… The very first touch on a new view of the list seems to turn any item I drag across a tiny bit darker. After that it ignores touch.)

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I use the mouse with a scroll wheel too but that is to slow with many hundreds or thousands of alerts.

I haven’t noticed any scroll wheel issues yet. From memory, the alert view appears to move one entry per scroll wheel click.
Edit: It appears to be 10 lines at a time

I have customized the Windows scroll settings. I’m not sure if that makes any difference.
Edit: Windows settings make no difference.

Edit: Keyboard scrolling is inconsistent and effectively not worth using e.g. Page Down then Page Up doesn’t return to the same point.

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Thank you everyone for these detailed comments. I think this is something we can improve and our team is reviewing this information.

Today we just released an update with scroll bar improvements. Please give it a try.

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Thank you. The scroll bar is much easier to grab.

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Just installed the 2.3.413 update and was reminded of this. Now both the arrow keys and page up/down are completely ignored. Right click does nothing. Clicking above or below the scrollbar thumb does nothing. The only way to move around in Alerts is by mouse “wheel” scrolling or dragging the thumb, both of which generally move the view about a page up or down with the tiniest input. My “Things” list shows the same problems. Do other users see this?

I have to admit that with Glasswire I never use the arrow keys and page up/down but only the mouse “wheel” scrolling or dragging the thumb.
After checking I have the same problem as you on my PC.

After reading the above posts, I checked the arrow keys in the Alerts Tab. I agree, the arrow keys and page up-down keys appear do nothing on my screen either: GW Elite ver. 2.3.413 on Windows 10 Pro.