Security suite that allows windows 7 firewall

Hello, I recently bought Glasswire. I use Norton security which takes over Windows firewall. Can someone recommend a good Internet security suite that will allow Glasswire to use the Windows 7 firewall? Thanks.


You may be able to turn off Norton Firewall, then reboot and use the Windows firewall.

We have a poll in the forum that recommends different antivirus products that GlassWire fans use. Scroll to the top of the thread to see the results.

Hi Ken_GlassWire,
So they all probably turn off Windows firewall I guess by necessity. I was just hoping I could block programs with Glasswire.
The Advanced System Optimizer fails Malwarebytes. I read that it does fail for others on google search.


Sorry, for some reason it showed I was recommending some software that someone else recommended and I was not. I guess it’s because I linked to the latest forum reply instead of the original forum poll.

Please note it’s rare for antivirus software to disable the Windows Firewall API, it’s not by necessity. Malwarebytes should be fine if that’s what you choose to use.

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