Separating traffic by Wi-Fi network

I have two Wi-Fi networks, a slow one with unlimited data, and a fast one with limited data. It would be great to monitor them each individually. Is this possible?




Is is not currently possible to monitor WiFi networks separately. Thanks for your feedback.

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Thanks for letting me know! Well, consider it a feature request :smile:

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What a pity, I had the same idea

Same here, I really would love that feature since I switch between 3+ networks (Work, Mobile Hotspot, and Home). With my Mobile Hotspot, there is a data cap. Still deciding wither or not to get the paid version as I’m still testing it out. Windows 10 had a feature like this, but in the most recently builds 20H1-21H1 it only shows the stats for the current network connected. And who knows, might be removed in the next build.

Please do add the capability to separate out traffic load for different Wi-fi networks. For me, that is a much more useful feature than many of the current features.

Adding my two cents, I would also like to be able to monitor a second connection - I have a visitor Wi-Fi that I would love to monitor as well since it’s under the main wifi umbrella. Thanks