Server list is lost periodically

Sometimes my list of servers (there are 10 computers I use glasswire on and one that monitors them) disappears. It doesn’t happen after updates per se, but it happens, less often now than it used to. Is there a file somewhere it creates that I can save a copy of when I have them all listed and working? It isn’t the end of the world it’s just a nuisance really. Any help would be appreciated.

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Sorry for the issue. Could you send me a screenshot next time this happens so we can try to recreate and fix this? It’s not a known bug.

This is how it looks, one day its like the left and the next they are all gone. I had already added the Casey server back when I got your message. No update was done and the machine had not been turned off.

If you go to our top left menu and choose “About”, what version of GlassWire do you have @equinox1191?

I need to confirm this with our team. Sorry, I should have asked this earlier.

This happens for me as well. just need to add them again but it’s like some kind of cache clearance also clears this setting.

Sorry for the issue, we’ll work to reproduce this so we can fix it. So far we have been unable to reproduce this.