Service name is not allowed

Got an error while installing: Service name is not allowed.
When I try to start this service (GlassWire Control Service) after installing it fails and stoped instant.

Windows 7 - x64
Windows 10 1709 - x64


If you run Windows update on those PCs does it help? I searched Google and I could not seem to find mentions of this error with Windows. Is it a third party software you have that’s blocking us?

Fresh clean install of latest v2 on up-to-date win7 ent - x64 (with disabled antivirus)

Here you can see “Der Name fr den Dienst ist ungültig.” (The name for the service is invalid.)


Thanks so much. I’ll open a ticket with this so we can get it fixed ASAP.

I have never seen this before.


We discussed this error and we have never seen it before. Do you use a third party application that is blocking our app for some reason?

Please try this:

1.  Run the task manager and find the GWCtlSrv.exe process and terminate it.
2.  Uninstall GlassWire using the uninstaller;
3.  Install the update with the "Clean install" option.