Service Provider stealing my Data

Afrihost recomended I install Glasswire to monitor data usage after I complained about running out of data early. Afrihost records show double the amount of data is being used compared to glasswire. Now afrihost say that glasswire does not report on all data actually used? is this even possible?? How do i prove that glasswire is 100% and afrihost is stealing - Thanks


May I ask your phone type? With some phone types it’s possible they are killing our app, and if that’s the case I can suggest a settings change that will solve it.

Also, Android itself has a data usage checker. Go to your: Settings - Network & Internet - Data Usage - If that data also shows incorrect stats then it will be difficult for your provider to argue with it.

If I was in your situation I’d run GlassWire then also check your Data Usage settings, then if both data usage stats match send those screenshots to your mobile service provider.

Dear Ken

Thank you very much for your e mail:)
Hauwei P20 Lite (two of them - partner has the other one)
(Running glasswire on both)
I looked at the android settings, for today only (unable to see a month back), glasswire shows 269.9kb usage and the android system is showing 549kb. So I dont know it appears there is something odd going on?

Many Thanks

Huawei has become very strict with background apps lately with Pie. However, if you make some changes background apps can work again.

Perhaps this is the issue and GlassWire is getting killed so it can’t count.