"Service stopped working" error, Actually service is mising

After installing GlassWire on my Win7 PC, I got an error: “Service stopped working”, but actually when I looked for that service to manually turn it on, it was not showing up at all. It was like it never got installed. I have no Firewall and no Anivirus too. Any one has any idea how to reinstall that service?


We just released an update. Are you using our latest app?

Did you manage to find a solution? I have the same issue!

Hi, No.
Im thinking on reformatting the computer.

If you guys want to email us with a link to this thread we’ll make you a custom version to test with logs, to see what’s wrong.


Weirdly the service is now installed and glasswire runs as it should.

I’m not sure exactly why but I have been trying to install a windows update that wouldn’t install. For some reason the permissions on the SoftwareDistribution folder had changed so i couldn’t install the update. I have reset the permissions on the folder and the update installed. I can only imagine it was the last windows update that was needed to fix the issue

Hope that helps someone out

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Hi, I thought about what you said.
Gave permissions to that folder on Trusted Installer.
and then ran Windows Update.
Reinstalled Glasswire, “Clean Install”.
Now every thing is working right.
I think the problem for me was an old .NET FRAMEWORK.

I will try to install only new .NET FRAMEWORK on another PC with that problem and update this thread.

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Interesting! Thanks for the details.

Meanwhile, if you are running Windows 7 and can’t install GlassWire please try running Windows update and get your PC up to date if possible, then try again.

It’s important to have your Windows up to date anyway, so why not do it? However, I realize some people who use GlassWire do have limited connectivity and limited data usage in some rural areas, etc…