Session: Forward

I’m very new so please be gentle with the scolding.
I keep getting a notification that says a session called “Forward” is uploading and downloading data in the MB range.
I cannot find any info on “Forward”.
Í’ve searched for an app with that name but found nothing. I keep disconnecting it but it evidently keeps reconnecting.
The question… What is a “Forward” session and how can I stop it from using data?
Thanks for any help,

Please take a screenshot about that process in Task Manager with its full file path.

I am happy to comply asap. Problem is…

  1. It is a notification. Once read it’s gone away till next time. I’ll wait until it returns and comply.
  2. I don’t have a Task Manager. I use an android tablet. I’m sure it manages tasks somehow but since there is no app called "Forward* I can find no associated task.

The notification has returned. Here is the screenshot.