Setting to ask everytime

Is there a way to have a program ask to connect to the internet every time… I like this for a few reasons one when I install a program many programs ask to connect to many Ip addresses that are needed for install that program I do not want to hook up to later and other programs I only want to connect up when I am using them and no other time and when I am unsure of something asking to connect and I am to busy to research at that moment. Thanks Dave

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For Windows or Android?

windows 10 pro Ken_glasswire


Yes, GlassWire does what you describe.


After the firewall is turned on you can use “Click to block” mode, “Ask to connect” mode, or “Block all” mode. “Click to block” mode lets all connections through, but allows you to later block connections you don’t like. “Ask to connect” will alert you before a connection starts and lets you allow or deny the connection, and “Block all” mode should block all network connections on your PC.

Our Android app also has this mode, but it’s for newly installed apps only.

Once you OK the VPN connection you can begin blocking apps. If you’d like to block newly installed apps from automatically accessing the network and using your data you can tap the slider on in the middle of the screen. If this feature is on then newly installed apps can no longer send data unless you allow them to. GlassWire will send a notification that asks if you allow or deny an app to access the network. If you don’t allow the app then it cannot access the network.

@Ken_GlassWire… Hi and yes it does, but it is a permanent one off permission request. If I understand @dgall right, they are asking for an “allow once” option that will allow it this time, but repeat the permission request the next time that the program/app is run.

It’s a decent idea for any program that you are unsure about, but need to use, or just want to be cautious with as you evaluate it. I like the idea a lot.

Ken_GlassWire I am looking for more like Allow Ask Deny I just did a clean install and I have all kinds of apps that are asking to connect to the internet I do not want hooking up to the internet with out permission every time. Some things I have blocked I am not sure if it will affect the program and if I have 50 things are blocked and if one isnt working right I have to sort out the blocked connections to figure out where the problem is.


Perhaps making a firewall profile would be useful for you. You can make one profile that’s more strict, and one that’s more open.

Thanks for your feedback on the “ask every time” idea.

In the center of the firewall window is the “Firewall Profiles” option. You can create and save a firewall profile depending on your location, or how you use your device. For example, you can turn on “Ask to connect” mode and deny everything but Internet Explorer so nothing else accesses the network. You can then use this profile while you’re on a metered Internet connection to save data usage.

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