Setting up Alerts For Specific Apps

Is it possible to set up a recurring alert that gets triggered when a specific app uses the network after some period of time?

I’m thinking of something like:

  1. Create an alert for “App1” with an “network usage idle timer” of X seconds
  2. When any network activity for App1 is detected, the idle timer is reset
  3. If the idle timer reaches the specified limit, the next time the app uses the network, an alert will appear and the timer is reset.

I was also hoping that the “Ask to connect” feature would act like this, but it seems that it only asks on the first network activity. Please let me know if I missed the option.



Thanks for your feedback.

We have no way for customized alerts currently.

Thanks for the quick response. Could you please share some details about where and how Glasswire keeps track of the “first network activity” alerts? I imagine it’s likely saved in a (hopefully text) file somewhere. Do you think it would be probable for me to hack this functionality in myself by manipulating this file?

Edit: It seems that the app history is stored in glasswire.db which is just an sql database stored under C:\ProgramData\GlassWire\service. Any chance I can get some details about this database?

I can’t answer to the probability of aforementioned functionality hack, but it looks like the forum itself has some decent info about glasswire.db.

PS- I’m shilling a bit here, because the forum software handily announces you as ‘new,’ but welcome nonetheless. :sunny:

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