Should GlassWire be listed as a provider in Windows?

I am running GlassWire Pro v2.1.167 and I noticed that Windows Firewall is listed in Windows Security. Windows 10 1909.

Is this normal?


Yes it’s normal, we use the Windows Firewall API for blocking.

The Windows Firewall API uses less resources, plus it has been trusted and used by over a billion Windows users world-wide, so we feel it’s the safest blocking mechanism out there for Windows.

Our team is unwilling to use an application that disables the Windows Firewall and replaces it with some unknown thing.

One reason GlassWire is so popular with IT and Information Security professionals is because it’s unlikely to cause problems with Windows itself due to our decision to use the Windows Firewall API. Plus blocking is just a tiny part of the GlassWire application as I’m sure you’ve noticed. In my opinion the most powerful part of our software is its network security monitoring features.


Got it! I was aware of that API, just surprised GlassWire did not show up listed in security. Thought it would be good to confirm that all was good!

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