Show specific values for Incoming and Outgoing in "Usage" tab

In the “Usage” tab under “Apps” subtab there are two bar charts on the bottom left for External and Local Traffic. It shows the total traffic in both catagories but it does not break out the values for incoming vs outgoing. You have to use the bar charts to eye ball it and that is very difficult. I suggest adding the values, at least when you mouse over the bars.

In the Usage tab, there is an Options button above the graph. It allows you to specify which values you want to see:

In the Usage tab, Apps view, there is also an Options buttone above the graph which allows you to choose which values to see:

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Awesome, didn’t even see that pull down. This gets me what I need, but I still think it would be nice not to have to toggle to get specific values. A roll over pop up would be the most convenient.

Keep up the good work!