Showing an obscure device with a random domain name

I recently activated my Glasswire and noticed that there is a really weird device on my network.
Later, based on its MAC address, I found out it is my router but still its DNS address confuses me; Glasswire shows a domain name that is owned by my friend. He uses it for a web/game server.

When I tell Glasswire to show the devices’ IP addresses, my router’s address is the correct one (

What can be the cause of this?

You were using your PC at your friend’s house, and now it shows this device, or did you never use your PC at your friend’s house?

If you do a refresh does the device not disappear? Is it possible the device isn’t related to your friend?

I haven’t visited him and there is no way the PC has been connected to any network other than my own.

Then when it comes to rescanning for devices, it in fact disappeared but appeared again after some reboots and rescans. The problem seems to reproduce randomly.

Do you use any software like Hamachi that allows you to play with other gamers remotely as if you’re on the same LAN? Perhaps it’s related to that?

I don’t use such software and that makes it kind of strange.

However, I occasionally use TeamSpeak 3 for talking with people when I play games and that domain is used for my friend’s TeamSpeak server I sometimes talk on, but still, why would TeamSpeak change my router’s domain? Isn’t TeamSpeak a program that connects to the IP via TCP, just like other regular programs? I don’t know the protocols behind it and cannot tell.


Maybe Teamspeak makes some changes to Windows to bypass your NAT? I will ask our development team if they have any ideas.