Single machine on Elite license constantly un-registering

I have an Elite license that I have used 8 of the 10 available slots.
On one machine it constantly drops its registration and asks to be re-licensed. I have clean installed Glasswire, reset the firewall, reset Winsock and TCP stack before clean installing again, but this machine will drop off again several days later.
Other then the annoyance in constantly having to re-register the machine it also takes up a new slot each time with the result I had to contact Glasswire support to get the license key reset (which was done with no issue, thank you.)
The AV and security software on this machine are the same as all the other machines that have never had this issue.
Anything further I can do to resolve this ?


Sorry for the problem.

Usually if someone contacts the help desk we mention that if you use a “cleaning” type of application you should white list the programdata/glasswire folder. If an app is deleting our files it’s difficult to stay registered. We don’t see this problem very often anymore though…

Do you use a “man in the middle” type of network security system? If so please white list “”.

If this does not help I’d suggest a clean install of our software. Perhaps something in our registration files is corrupted. It’s not usual for GlassWire to have this issue and we work hard to avoid this issue because it is very annoying and it’s also major work for our helpdesk if there are registration problems.

I hope one of these tips helps? Please let me know and thanks for buying GlassWire.