"Sliding month" on the USAGE tab

On the USAGE tab, can’t there be a “sliding month” (or other configurable time period) that displays the previous full month’s (or other period’s) data activity ending with Today at the right-hand end of the display at the bottom of the screen, as it seems like it was in previous GW versions? As the “Today” date progresses, the beginning date of the period would similarly progress, still showing all usage for the intervening time period selected. I do understand that one can always set a Custom time period each time they want to see that kind of display, but there does not seem to be any way to save that custom configuration between uses. As it seems now, a user would have to reconfigure that view each time. Or am I missing something?


Do you mean you want to see the last 30 days, regardless of when the last 30 days occurred? If you go to GlassWire’s settings does the “Data Alert” option help, or is that not what you need?

Hi Ken,
Thanks for your reply. Yes, the last 30/31 days, that is what I want to be able to see. Also, I looked at the “Data Alert” option functionality and am not sure I understand how I could use it to show me, on the Usage Tab, the configurable previous time period ending with today. The Graph Tab shows that kind of a sliding time period by default, although without the filtering options of the Usage Tab. It seems like the kind of display I am referring to was available in the Usage Tab prior to the version 2 upgrade. Perhaps it could be brought back as an option for that display? Or maybe it could somehow be incorporated into the custom date range selector along with the ability to remember the user’s range selection across sessions?

Thank you!


Perhaps we can offer “Last 30 days” as an option in the pull-down menu.

Meanwhile you can go to the “Usage” screen and click the time period chosen on the top right menu, then choose “custom” then click the date in the middle of the GlassWire user interface. Next click the first date you want to choose for the data period, then click the second date you want to choose for the data period.

That’s a good workaround but as far as I can tell, the program does not remember my Custom time period between logins. I would have to redefine it each time.