Small connections to unexpected overseas hosts

New GlassWire user, apologies in advance.
I use a Transporter from ConnectData as a secure offsite storage. Looking at the Firewall tab in GlassWire, I noticed the Transporter linking software cycles through explainable US addresses to ConnectData, but also to IP’s in China, Korea, and Vietnam. I am mildly freaked out as it appears to upload just a few bytes, and I do not know why or what is being transmitted. Virus scans are up to date and negative
What I can tell you is the IP and I can try to upload some screen shots. The Vietnam address is a reverse DNS for ConnectData in San Antonio, so I think that may be ok, but my knowledge in this area is limited. I was hoping for some insight before I approach the company. Any guidance on what is happening here is most appreciated!
TIA - Wes
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Vietnam: reverse DNS for IP (Connect Data in San Antonio, TX, USA)

It could be part of their content delivery network.