Small feature request - show list of application maker names on the firewall

it would be nice to see the name of the software maker in the firewall list.

e.g next to any of the Microsoft & applications services etc to have it say “Micorosft” and lightroom.exe would of course be “adobe”

maybe have the optional function to color code applications
light green = safe application (digital signature matches name etc)
red = unknown application or no digital id/maker name…

Hope it kinda makes sense!


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Cool idea, thanks! I’ll see if we can add this in the future but there may not be enough room in the UI.

Did you know you can click the icon of the app and see all these details?

ah thanks I hadn’t seen the info when clicking the icon!
I still think some kind of obvious reputation thing would be idea, so at a glance even beginners could understand a safe program from s suspect program accessing the internet.

@krevvy We’re working on that for 2.0 actually. :slight_smile: