Small issue with GlassWire in Windows 10


I’ve had an issue with Windows 10 that I’m pretty sure is linked to GlassWire, so I wanted to ask if anyone else is having the same issue…

I’m running Windows 10 on an HP Envy notebook (upgraded from Windows 8.1), and I’m using the GlassWire plug-in for 360 Internet Security. Current GlassWire version is 1.0.67b. Just as I did with 8.1 (and 7, and XP), I have the taskbar set to auto-hide. In Windows 10, the taskbar will stay up when an app or item in the Actuon Center Panel (in the far right corner) has changed and/or wants to tell you something. Normally when this happens, if you click the affected app or action to dismiss the said action, the taskbar will return to the auto-hide setting and drop back down again.

GlassWire is one of those application that affecting the taskbar. Whenever I get a notice from GlassWire (the icon changes to the one with a number (for the number of changed items in the firewall), the taskbar will remain in the up position after I go into GlassWire and “mark all items as read”, which reset the GlassWire taksbar icon back to the standard (default) icon.

The only way to resolve this and reset the taskbar is to go into the Task Manager, and restarting the “Windows Explorer” process. This has been going on for a while, but I don’t know if it was always like this (since installing GlassWire) or only since the last (GlassWire) update.

Has anyone else noticed this same issue? Would it be a WINDOWS issue, or a GlassWire issue?

Since I only seem to have it when the GlassWire icon changes, I would think it’s a GlassWire issue. If so, can someone look into it and let me know if it can be fixed in the next revision?


I will report this problem so we can try to recreate it and fix it. None of us hide our taskbar so perhaps this is why we did not notice this.

Hi Ken,

Thanks! If anyone needs any additional information let me know.


We were unable to reproduce this. Do you have the latest Windows patches installed? Do you use any third party software that makes changes to the taskbar?

Hello, Thanks for looking into this issue. Yes, I have all the latest Windows patches (you don’t have a choice with Windows 10!-- auto-updating is automatic). And NO, I don’t use any third pary software that would (should be) making any changes to the taskbar.

Is it possible the GlassWire version you used to test with is different that the one I’m using? I inquired a few months ago about my version being different that what was offered for download on the website and was told there was one GlassWire version series for standalone, and a different version series for the GlassWire plugin that works with 360 Total Security.

I’m using the following:
OS: Windows 10 Home upgraded onto a fresh install of Windows 8.1 (new PC).
AV/Security: 360 Total Security v7.6.0.1031.
Firewall: GlassWire plugin for 360 Total Security v1.0.67b.
System is an HP Envy 17t-j1000 Notebook (purchased 7/30/15).

Please let me know if I can offer any other assistance.


If you’d like to join our test group please go to our contact page and email us with the title “test group” in the subject and I’ll send you our latest unreleased version to see if it still has this problem for you.

I think the dev team tested with our current live version.


I’ve been helping users on other forums who have this issue with other applications. I’ve noticed that this appears to be occurring for some programs since the recent “Upgrade to Windows 10, version 1511, 10586”. So it is possible that there has been a Windows change that affects this.

You can fix it in some programs because they provide an option to control the notifications at the icon. For example, MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit allows the issue to be fixed in the Settings by unchecking “Show system tray notification tooltips”. I use MBAE as an example because it has this option and it is free software so you can try it and see how it behaves on your system.

Hello All,

I think this issue is RESOLVED! My notebook installed a bunch of Windows 10 updates yesterday, and since then the taskbar hasn’t stuck (UP) once! Usually within the first five minutes it would have gotten stuck, but I used the notebook all day today (for almost 10 hours) and it stayed hidden just as it should.

I guess it was a Windows issue after all!


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Thanks for your report. I’m glad it wasn’t GlassWire causing the problem.