Smartphone and bleutooth connection with my laptop

Hello All,

Since I use glasswire firewall basic (since yesterday) it is not possible to connect my smarthphone to upload photo’s to my laptop with the bluetooth connection, The network part in galsswire ferewall reconized the phone as unknown, can someone tell me how to resolve this problem.

Thanks in advance, Brownyboy

Is GlassWire set to “Ask to connect” mode? If you go to the GlassWire Firewall tab and turn it to “Off” does it solve the problem? I think this is a bug someone else reported that we have fixed for the next update.

Hi Servo, I’m so sorry that I did bother you with my problem, it is working now and the problem was that the folder that my bluetooth upload to was hidden so it could not find it to upload to, so it was not because of glasswire, for the rest I am very happy with the program.

Thanks for looking into it,
Thanks Brownyboy

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