[SOLVED] 1.2.57b Intermittent problem with Security settings

I have GlassWire Pro but sometimes when I go into GlassWire > Settings > Security it shows me that I have to buy some of the settings:
Network device monitor
Camera and mic monitor

I check GlassWire > About which shows I have Pro:

Also the “Deactivate GlassWire” correctly displays on the GlassWire dropdown menu.

This problem only seems to occur when I cannot connect to a remote server either because the connection is denied (“The server does not accept remote clients”) or because there is no device with that IP address (“Unable to establish a connection”):

I confirmed this on two systems:
Windows 10 Home, GlassWire Pro 1.2.57b installed retaining history.
Windows 10 Pro, GlassWire Pro 1.2.57b installed clearing history.

Strange. I will see if we can reproduce this. We did make some changes to our security settings recently for security reasons. I’ll see if our dev team can figure out how this could happen.

I just went through my machines and I can’t see this.

The likelihood of my seeing this was very low so it might have been around through many releases:

  • GlassWire Pro.
  • All alerts enabled. If I hadn’t expected them all to be green then I wouldn’t have noticed anything wrong.
  • A failed remote server connection.
  • Inadvertently selected the Security tab.

Upgrading to 1.2.61b has fixed this problem.

FYI, downgrading back to 1.2.57b reproduced the problem.

This bug has been found and fixed in .61b.