[SOLVED] Device view IP address sort

In the Device tab the IP address sorting doesn’t sort by IP address number but by character.

Here’s an example where x.x.x.100 appears before x.x.x.2 to x.x.x.99:

In most situations this doesn’t matter because IP addresses for Internet hosts are so disparate that it is unusual to notice this, e.g. vs. But this is not the case on a local network where there is a shared range of addresses with the same prefix, e.g. vs, It then becomes obvious when numbers are out of sequence… So a little more effort is required to ensure that the IP addresses are sorted correctly.

P.S. The image display is faulty - it shouldn’t be expanding the image to match the topic width. I presume this is a Discourse bug.

Just discovered that this problem has been fixed. Thanks. :grinning:

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Thanks for your report so we could fix it!