Some apps seem to "Fight" with glasswire

A few applications I use, despite allowing them when prompted (Glasswire is set to “Ask To Connect” mode) completely just do not work for unknown reasons.

Coaxing these apps into working again (I assume that they malfunction in part due to the initial block while Glasswire waits on user input) after Glasswire’s interference tends to involve a lot of screwing around, system restarts, and so on.

Two applications affected are Netgear’s “Netgear Genie” and “Taiga” (From, an open-source desktop application for Windows.)

This seems to be a growing pain of the software that can be mostly resolved by a bunch of restarting, but it’s somewhat irritating.


Thanks for your feedback. We use the Windows Firewall API for blocking, so it’s reliable for most Windows applications, but sometimes there are some outliers.

We’ll check and see if there is something we can do on our end with these apps.