Some Newbie Questions


i hope you will understand my question, because my english is not so perfect. Sorry. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

1,) When i deinstall some Software from my Computer, the Software will always be shown in my Inactive-App List. Is there any way to remove this Software Names from this List?
I want to remove it, because i often install and deinstall some Software to try it, and my inactive App-List is meanwhile very very long…

2.) How do i block all the Network-Connections to the Internet in this Application? Is this only a feature when a pay a Licence?

3.) When i will buy the Basic or Pro-Version, is this a Licence for 1 Year?, or longer…

4.) I do not know the effect of Snooze on/off Mode. Can you explain please? What is the effect?

5.) I do not nkow the effect of the Incognito on/off Mode. Can you explain please? What is the effect?

6.) In the Options. There i can set a Idle-Mode in 5/10/… Minutes… What is this effect?

Sorry for my lot of questions, and i want to say now thank you in advance for your time you need to help me and give your answers…:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Best regards from Vienna,


Thank you for your feedaback.

  1. Mouse over the app you want to remove and an X will appear on the right side, then click the “X” to delete it.

  2. This is our “block all” feature that’s for paid users only.

  3. Longer. I doesn’t expire.

  4. You will receive no notifications (desktop alerts).

  5. Your graph will record no data.

  6. On the graph it shades if your computer is idle, so if you have strange activity when your PC is not used you can see this information. You can choose how long your PC should be idle before the graph shades to “idle” time.



Hello, thank you very much for your soon reply, you are very very helpfull… :wink:

To my first question:
It takes no effect on mouse over. I can click the Icon, and i can choose to start a VirusScan, but nothin changes on the right side - it do not show a X on the right side. Sorry… I looked very exactly… There is nothing… :frowning:

Btw. Next month i will buy this software. I have to wayt for the money from my company :slight_smile:

I hope you can help me in this last question…



I think there is a misunderstanding. If you look at the “TreeSize” row in your screenshot above, there is a small grey x to the right of it. Click that X and that listing will disappear.

Look on the background, not on the window in the front.


Ohhhh… i c :slight_smile:

It is very bad to see it for me. Sorry. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

Next month you will have one client more. :slight_smile:

Have a nice day Ken :slight_smile:



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