Some product feedback

I have been trying out this program for several months now and here is some feedback on the usage monitoring aspect.

  1. when viewing usage for a “day” it would be an improvement to be able to specify a single date, as opposed to a start and end date, and to be able to “scroll” forward or backward on a daily basis within this report page.
  2. currently when you do set dates for viewing a particular day, the program does not always seem to update the report data correctly. I have also found this lag to occur in all report when you change date ranges.
  3. regarding the report page for “month” usage. there does not seem to be any connect to and persistence in the user set usage alert. For example, I have set a usage alert based on my actual ISP billing period, but this does not get transferred to the month report page and instead it reports on a rolling basis month to date, which is really not a very useful number for real world use of this feature in my view where the main expectation to track usage in a monthly period is have it aligned with the billing period by your ISP in order to both manage your bill and check on the accuracy of your ISP’s claimed amounts being billed.

I believe that changing how usage is reported would be a significant improvement to the product and look forward to hearing any feedback from Glasswire and other users on this suggestion.

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Thank you for your feedback!

  1. We are redesigning Usage for our 2.0 update so it’s more like our Android software and easier to use.

  2. Sorry for the problem. We’re redesigning this for 2.0.

  3. And again, we are redoing this for 2.0 so it’s more like our Android software.